ORAL-O-SEPT Toothpaste Coconut Ice Touch & WHITENING

ORAL-O-SEPT Toothpaste
Coconut Ice Touch & WHITENING

Contains COCOCIN® and natural COCONUT OIL. In addition to providing a pleasant taste and aroma, COCOCIN is rich with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It regenerates the tissue and moisturises the mucous membrane. The added natural COCONUT OIL acts as a natural antioxidant, giving extra protection to the oral cavity. Its unique WHITENING formula combines ingredients to preserve the natural whiteness of your teeth, while the added HYALURONIC ACID helps to keep your gums healthy and your teeth smooth and gleaming. Thanks to its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, the Actipone® PX 3 protected formula and the added HERBAL COMPLEX additionally strengthens and keeps your teeth and gums healthy.